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Maan Vidhi is the best coaching centre for judicial service exams. We provide coaching for JUDICIARY, L.L.B. SUBJECTS TUITION

Maan Vidhi is the only centre where each and every student gets personal attention of his/her mentor. Each student is the most important candidate for the centre. We do not target quantity,quality coaching is our aim.

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Want to be a judge ?

Give us your one year and be on high chair. We are already to help you to achieve your ambition. You will get personal attention of your mentor. If you are a Law Student,this is right time to join our L.L.B.SUBJECT COACHING.It will make you a Judge at the age of 22/23.


  • Highest selection record (Unbeatable)
  • Highly Experienced Faculty.
  • Affordable and reasonable fee with installment option.
  • Very safe and secure especially for female aspirants.
  • Strict discipline, competitive atmosphere, away from distractions,
    fully A.C. and sound proof. All facilities are available.
  • Morning batch, evening batch, foundation batch, weekend batch, exclusive female batch, Hindi Medium batch for judicial (available on special request)
  • Full study material (printed notes).
  • We are at 2 minutes walking distance from Sonipat Railway Station.
  • Best Practice by weekly tests.



    Judicary are the steel pillars of the governance of the State. These services are highly competitive & challenging. Judicary is day by day changing the trends of the examination to augment itself with better tools to filter off intelligentsia to better suit its job requirements. So the need is to tighten the screws at the right. Read More..

A judge is always seen with respect by the whole society. Every human being strives to earn his bread and butter and judge is no exception to this rule but respect with money is a rare combination which a judge gets.