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Maan Vidhi is the best coaching centre for judicial service exams. We provide coaching for JUDICIARY, L.L.B. SUBJECTS TUITION and Law Entrance for all types of universities, colleges and schools eg.National Law Schools through CLAT and AILET, IPU, PU,KU,MDU, etc. Maan Vidhi is the only centre where each and every student gets personal attention of his/her mentor. Each student is the most important candidate for the centre. We do not target quantity,quality coaching is our aim.

A message from Prof. (Mrs.) Rama Gupta, (Chief Mentor and Managing Director)

Dear Sutdent/Aspirant, I welcome you on joining our coaching centre. Please be assured that you have joined the best centre for Law. Be punctual to the classes and avoid taking Leave. Avoid issues which are useless. Stop wasting time. You have to study for at-least 5 hours after attending classes here. You should study atleast 10 hours when there is a holiday. Please avoid watching T.V., interest, social media etc. You should be careful that you do not fall ill. I have experience of about 27 years. So I know where students commit mistake. Please start improving your handwriting and writing speed. (Please avoid eating heavy / outside food. Please ask what you have not understood without any hesitation. There may be occasion when even the teacher may not know a particular occasion. It is not a metter of shame for teacher. No one, not een the judge of Supreme Court of topper of a great Law college can be a champion of Law. The teacher will clarify your doubt neat day for sure. I request you to be confident but avoid over-confidence. Please take a good sleep of 6 to 7 hours minimum. No one can become a judge in 2 months or so by keeping awake on nights. Please avoid fast food and beverages. Take your parents in confidence and ask them to ensure, suitable study atmosphere at hone, restrict visit of relatives, friends etc. If you are staying in a P.G., your parents should help you in best possible manner and visit you atleast twice a month. If you have any problem, contact me diretly or lodge a complaint in complaint book available free of cost at receiption counter. You have to postpone all other things for the next year except those which are inevitable and emergencies. Please avoid learning dancing, swimming, driving etc. at the same time when you are taking coaching with us. If you have taken morning batch, please do not come by studying whole night otherwise you will be fealing sleepy and distracted. I suggest all students to get their eyes tested by a good and qualified specialist if not done in recent past. I will give you some motivational tips also in between. I wish you that you have a comfortable, peaceful, safe and successful coaching at Maan Vidhi and you dream comes true very soon.



We have the best infrastructure and facilities. All our class rooms are fully air conditioned and sound proof. We have powerback-up. Waiting hall facility (air-conditioned) is provided to students who come early or go late due to some reasons students are never asked to wait outside or Leave when class gets over. It is frequently seen at other centres that due to shortage of space students room here and there. They sometimes get sick or indulge in fights. But we ensure that our each and every students remains in discipline and his/her time, money and energy does not get wasted at all. We provide not and cold R.O. Water to all candidates / visitors and parents. We have clean washrooms in sufficient numbers ensuring comfort and sanitation. We have 4 big sized Lecture halls with sufficient lighting and air. We have first aid facility to meet medical emergencied. At just 50 metres from our centre, facility of a M.D. doctor with hospital is available. At our reception counter, we have brand new books of law for sale at minimum 25% discount and bare acts. This ensures that students do not have to go anywhere else to purchase these things. Pens, note-books, registers, confectionary are also available. Our reception and office are also fully A.C. We are open all days a wekk from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Receptionists, managers, supervisors, security guards are available to ensure safety and order compliant book is available and given on demand to any parent /enrolled candidate to lodge complaint (if any). Action is taken within 48 hours on such complaint CCTV Cameras (High Defination) are installed to observe activated Doctor – on – call and taxi – on- call facility is also available. We assist students in railway / air reservation railway ticket purchase bus – ticket purchase etc. We assist them in filling up forms. We have a big genset to ensure no discomfort in case of power failure. We have a small meditation room so that parents and students can seek blessing of Almighty. We have parntry facilities and assistants to provide tea / office / snacks in case a candidate makes special request. We have a full sized flat bed in case any candidates suddenly feels unwell. Photostate facility is available free of cost for enrolled candidates. Land-line free calling is provided to candidates in case of urgency. Mobile / Laptap charging is available. We provide free locker facility to enrolled candidates. Two-Wheeler parking is also available.

Teaching Methodology

We believe that best teaching comprises of knowledge and teaching skill. Some teachers have knowledge and others have skill. But our teachers have rare combination of knowledge and skill. The voice of all our teachers is very clear and understandable by every student. We commit you that our teachers are at least post graduate and atleast 40 years of age. We never employ fresh graduates. We ensure that the teachers have esctremely good marks at X, XII and graduation level also which means that they have confidence to clear any doubt in mind of student. Each and every word and sentence will be taught to you in Hindi and English separately. Thread-bare conceptual explanation will be provided. The teachers dictate as well as use white-board. 100% relevant study material (printed notes) are provided latest and important case – laws are provided students are fully permitted to ask questions. No one is dis-couraged or for bidden for raising queried. Every topic relevant for escom is covered in full detail. Previous year exam questions are also covered. Tests are checked carefully by teachers themselves. There are some centres where clerks and peons check the test. Can you believe what can happen to student in such as case? His future can be ruined. We take test on OMR / Tick-mark (for objective) and subjective (written long answer type) . We focus on writing speed and hand writing teachers personally interact and meet each and every student daily no matter how many no. of students are there the teachers are master of their subjects but still they study for hours every day to remain best and make you the best. The results of tests are communicated to parents / guardians. Parents meet is organized 6 times a years at timings suitable to parents. If a student is not able to cope-up, he / she can avail free extra class.
For judicial we tech………………. CRMINAL – IPC, CRPC, EVIDENCE
CIVIL – cpc, contract, SRA
Constitution of India
Sales of Goods Act
Partnership Act
Negotiable Instrument Act
Limitation Act
Arprintration and Concilation Act
Registration Act
Transfer of property Act
Family laws – Hindu and Muslim
Punjab Court Act
Delhi Rest Control Act
English and Hindi
G.K. and Current Affairs
Judgment writing
Interview training (only if you clear Mains, also extra cost).
For law entrance / CLAT we teach –
English / verbal reasoning.
G.K. + Current affairs
Maths / Quastitative aptitude / Numerical ability Logical Reasoning/ Analytical ability/ Legal aptitude/ Reasoning Hindi (Only for M.D.U. Rohtak Haryana)


In Modern times, safety has become a very important issue for students as well as parents. We have highest standards of safety. We provide a Photo-ID card to all candidates. Entry is allowed only with ID Card. No outsides can enter the class rooms. The Chief Mantor (Mrs. Rama Gupta) personally meet each and every candidate and his / her parents / guardian at the time of admission. ID proof is taken from every candidates. Only after verification and confirmation, admission is granted. We have strict discipline Mrs. Rama Gupta is 53 years old and She has over 25 years of experience of dealing with students. She can easily ensure that no one create even slightest mischief. She is very concerned towards safety of female candidates. Our centre is situated in a very peaceful and posh area. Highly educated and civilized people live around our centre the locality is gated and fenced. Our centre is highly protected by steel bars on allsides security guard and CCTV cameras ensure safety. We have emergency exits, fire extinguisher and fire alarm. We have installed a hooter for emergency purpose. We have installed and – skid tapes and S.S. Bars to ensure that no one slips or falls by mistake. Civli Lines Police Station and Women Police Station are passed at 2 minute walking distance from our centre. We go an extra mile to ensure privacy and safety of students.